Community Dinner

Wednesday, September 4, 6 pm

Community Dinner & Seminar

Wednesday, September 4, 6 pm

Dinner Starts @ 6 pm


  • Stuffed shells (ricotta & mozzarella)
  • Italian (mild and hot) sausage
  • Garden salad
  • Dessert


  • Ages 13+: $5
  • Ages 5-12: $4
  • Ages 4 and under: $1
  • Family (Max): $20

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FREE Seminar @ 7 pm (Childcare provided for Pre-K and under)

TOPIC - Wait: Thoughts and Practice in Waiting on God

Waiting might be the most common experience of human existence, but some waits are worse than others. Some are longer; and for some, the stakes seem frighteningly high. Whatever you’re waiting for, chances are you’re not enjoying the wait itself. The whole idea of waiting, after all, means to endure in the hope that things will get better.

Meanwhile, we might glean something from our protracted dissatisfaction, and this work of creative non-fiction explores some possibilities. Initially, I drew from my own family’s very long wait, but soon I was including the experiences of friends as well as stories of waiting in scripture and studies of some art and poetry. The book takes a careful look at different aspects of waiting, offering a perspective that might make your own wait something you are actually grateful for.


Rebecca Stevenson

Rebecca Stevenson is an active member and teacher at Chapel Hill Bible Church for both The Well (Women's ministry) and The Yard (Youth ministry).

As a native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She has a master's degree from Duke University and has lived in Durham, North Carolina for over 20 years with her husband and three children.

Before dedicating herself to writing full time, Rebecca worked with Trinity School of Durham and Chapel Hill to develop the curriculum for their humanities department; she also worked as an English teacher at public and private middle and high schools in Durham and Pittsburgh.

Rebecca's debut novel Healing Maddie Brees was published in 2016 to literary acclaim. Wait: Thoughts and Practice in Waiting on God is her nonfiction debut released this past June.

Her beautifully crafted personal essays on her blog "Small Hours" have earned her a strong audience of readers who enjoy her explorations of themes relating to family, marriage, faith, writing, language, literature, and film.

Learn more about her and follow her at