Summer Series: Hot Topics

The Bible on Burning Issues

Hot Topics

The Bible on Burning Issues

Series Schedule for this Summer

Since we've started announcing this series, several of you have reached out to our staff to get an idea of what topics we'll be tackling and when. Below is our scheduled lineup through the summer.


  • June 16: Inerrancy of the Bible
  • June 23: Divorce & Remarriage
  • June 30: Important, But Non-Essential (i.e. Mode of baptism, charismatic gifts, worship style, etc)
  • July 7: Life: From Conception to Death
  • July 14: Spiritual Warfare: Truth vs Lies
  • July 21: Gender Roles
  • July 28: Sexuality/Gender Identity
  • August 4: Pacifism vs. Just War
  • August 11: Politics
  • August 18: Creation and Genesis 1

NOTE: While we realize some of these topics above have the potential to be inappropriate for children, please know we'll be sensitive with our words throughout this series knowing there are kids in the room.

In the event you still decide to skip a particular Sunday (either because you are out of town or for other reasons), you'll be able to access the audio/video for each message via our mobile app and website (audio is posted Sunday afternoon; video is posted Monday morning).