Meet the Interns

Get to Know Our Interns!

Meet the Interns

Throughout the month of October, we'll be introducing you to our 14 interns and a little bit about their hearts into serving @chapelhillbible.

Anne Howard (Communications Intern)

Anne is interning under Communications @chapelhillbible. We asked her why she was interested in interning. She told us,

“I really enjoy art and communicating through art and so I thought that the internship would be a great opportunity to see how communications works in a church because that’s something that I would be interested in doing and so not only could I give to the church that I care so much about, but I could learn how to do that for another church in the future. I also want this church to feel connected to each other because I came from a really small church and this church is a lot larger than I’m used to, but I know that it can still function as a close-knit community. I want the church to feel connected and be communicating the gospel well and often. I also want us to reach our community with the gospel through the communications side and I’m just really excited to see how we can grow as a church with a basis of good communication.”

Sammy Wadsworth (Media Production Intern)

Sammy is our Media Production intern @chapelhillbible and we asked her why she wanted to serve in that ministry. She told us,

“I met David last year and he’s just so brilliant at what he does. I just wanted to learn from him, be able to watch how he does things, and be able to get instruction directly from him. This was also an opportunity to dig really deep into a church in a way that I’ve never done before. I wanted to give back to this community and help out and learn how to balance my talents and abilities with actually helping people. I don’t want to create art or film or anything like that just for it to point back to me. I want it to reflect back onto God and everything that’s bigger and greater than me and for it to actually impact people.”

Ashlyn Atkinson (Faith + Work Intern)

Ashlyn is our intern under Faith & Work @chapelhillbible. We asked her why she wanted to intern in this ministry. She told us,

"I’m interning under Faith & Work specifically because it’s something where the conversation is definitely started, and I used to see them as two separate things, but through knowing Kyle and being in College Collective, I have heard the rhetoric of Faith & Work. He has started shaping my vision of what that is and what that looks like. I started really feeling strongly about that and what missions looks like not on the “mission field.” I think that’s important for people to know because if not, they become complacent and they become a Sunday person versus a rest-of-the-week person. Basically, I more than anything want the Lord to be glorified in what we’re doing, I want people to know the Lord better because of what we’re doing, and be better equipped to not only know him, but share him with other people and know how to do that practically and in an everyday sort of setting. This view of missionary is no longer someone who travels to Africa — it’s all of us, it’s what we’re all called to."

Zane Geiser (Missions Intern)

Zane Geiser is one of two missions intern @chapelhillbible. We asked him what he hopes to see in the ministry this year. He told us,

"I would like for the ministry to be able to grow in a way that people in the church are engaging in missions in their life groups and in their homes and with the individuals that they know. I want there to be enough structure so that the church is unified in those movements and so that we can help new people learn and grow off of the things that people in our church have been doing for a long time. I think it’s important to realize that the gospel is the most precious thing that we have, it’s more valuable than anything else for all the problems that our culture is facing, that families are facing, whether it’s sickness or health or economical or social issues. I think that no matter what the problem is, it’s caused by sin and the best answer we have is in the gospel and I want to be able to equip our church to specifically meet those needs by bringing the good news of Jesus and to share that knowledge and that joy with other people too."

Matt Gilleskie (Missions Intern)

Matt Gilleskie is one of our two missions interns @chapelhillbible. We asked him why he wanted to intern and he told us,

“I’m most excited about continuing to meet with college students and exposing them to opportunities for mission. That includes one-on-one meetings with students with who are interested as well as having Roddy at the NC Study Center to give students more access to not only someone who has tons of expertise in missions, but who is also a pastor at our church. Also, continuing in the vein of equipping college students, this year I’m hoping to start a global mission program with the purpose to equip students for mission back at their respective universities. I have come to have a passion for the intersection of mission and our everyday local contexts for the people who are closest to me. Currently, I’m at a university and I’m a student and so I want to help not only empower students to be effective missionaries on campus, but to learn for myself how to most effectively minister to my non-believing friends in the context of a university.”

Scott Showalter (Discipleship & Training Intern)

Scott is interning under Discipleship & Training. We asked him why he wanted to intern in this ministry. He told us,

"I want to be a pastor and I know that discipleship and training is a large part of what a pastor is called to do so I want to see what that’s like. I am excited to get the discipleship wing of the Bible Church up and running so we can equip our people to spread the gospel and reach other people in the Triangle. I hope to see more of our people involved in these discipleship and training programs, our reach expanding, so that the people who are involved in the programs can reach more people that aren’t involved. In the great commission, Jesus says to go and make disciples, baptizing them, and the Christian walk is learning how to follow Jesus and I think that’s a lot of what discipleships is — learning how to follow Jesus, how to trust Jesus more and whether it’s through discipling people’s minds or discipling their hearts, or hopefully both, that’s why I’m interested in discipleship.”

Kennedy Channel (Latino Ministry Intern)

Kennedy is an intern @chapelhillbible in the Latino ministry. We asked her why she wanted to intern this year. She told us,

“I wanted to do the internship because I saw the huge disconnect between Spanish service and English service. There are real things to be done to fix it, but there’s no one on staff to do them so that’s why I asked if I could be an intern. The biggest thing I want is, that by the end of the year when I leave, more Latinos and more English-speakers are friends and are connected. So many English-speakers don’t even know that we have a Spanish service and so we’re trying to increase our presence, but also trying to advocate for more structure within the Spanish ministry because it’s just Gaby and a couple of volunteers. Right now, one person does the work of the entire ministry staff and there’s a lot of help, but we need to grow. I have friends there and I’ve been attending there for a while and this is a problem and I want that to change.”

Victoria James (Kids Ministry Intern)

Victoria is an intern @chapelhillbible in the kids ministry. We asked her why she wanted to intern this year. She told us,

"I’m doing this internship because I love kids and I was really blessed with an awesome childhood in the church and I have a passion for other kids to have a similar experience to the one I had and I wanted to get more involved in a church that I’ve called home for the past two years. I want to see the ministry grow out of Sunday morning and really be involved in getting families to pay attention to discipleship for the other six days as well as other events. I’d like to see growth in communication and organization and making every event run smoothly along with having good systems in place.”

Hannah Thomas (College Ministry Intern)

Hannah is our third college ministry intern @chapelhillbible. We asked her why she wanted to serve as an intern this year. She told us,

“I’m very passionate about working with college kids and ministry. I’m doing the internship specifically with Chapel Hill Bible Church because it is a ministry connected to a greater church body and that’s what really attracts me to it is that those are one and the same thing. I think when we look at the Bible, effective ministry springs out of a greater church body. I would love to grow as a community and live life together, not just for College Collective, but eating and working and studying and playing. I think this semester we’re focusing on what can we be doing together in day to day life and be in each other’s life in that way.”

David Ray Allen (College Ministry Intern)

David Ray is an intern @chapelhillbible working in our college ministry. We asked him why he was interested in serving college students. He told us,

“When I came to college, I had gone to church every Sunday and Wednesday for the past 18 years. You would think that I would come to college and jump right in, but I didn’t. I looked around, but I never held onto something. It took me until sophomore year. I went on a mountain retreat and found community in the Bible Church, in College Collective, and I had been desperately wanting that for two years. Once I found it, I wanted to be a part of it and now I’m trying to make it as good as it can possibly be. One of my hopes for this year is to reach people like me who are trying to find somewhere and don’t know that there's somewhere like this that can really be a rich community for them. Second, I would like to make College Collective more diverse. I’m also trying to go to divinity school so this is good for figuring out what I want to do.” 

Ignace Batsuli (College Ministry Intern)

Ignace is a second-year intern @chapelhillbible working with our college students. We asked her what excites her for serving again this year. She told us,

“I really wanted to dive super deep into Bible Church, a community and a family that I deeply loved from the get go. I think that my deep love for it turned into a passion to serve. I have learned a lot, and I’m super excited to learn and grow even more under Kyle and the CHBC staff. It’s been really cool to be someone that people want to talk to and have coffee with and therefore learn so many stories about how the Lord is working in everyone’s lives. I am very excited to see the continued flourishing of life groups and really foster growth among brothers and sisters in College Collective. The Care Team is something we’re working on that enables people in College Collective to reach the Triangle’s campuses with the message of Jesus by serving and encouraging those in the body going through hard times. This year, I’m going to primarily focus on bringing fruit to those two things.”

Andrew Carden (Youth Ministry Intern)

Andrew Carden is 1 of 3 youth ministry interns @chapelhillbible. We asked Andrew what is it about ministering to teen guys that gets him psyched up. He answered,

"I feel like I've always been good working with people younger than myself and I'm trying to be an older godly influence in their lives. I wish I would've had a person in my life at their age like I am trying to be for these guys. It's a crazy time in their life and I think having an older person in addition to their parents to read the Bible with and help them out with whatever they have going on is huge. I know from my own story that not every student who comes to youth group and Sunday school are Christians. So obviously for those students coming to know Jesus as their Savior and Lord is most important. And for those students who are already believers, I want to help them come to know and love Jesus more. I want them to grow in knowing how to study their Bible and in loving other students in the Yard, and also have a lot of fun." 

Amy Reckard (Youth Ministry Intern)

Meet Amy Reckard, a youth ministry intern @chapelhillbible. Amy is a senior at UNC Chapel Hill studying sociology. This is her 2nd year as an intern with us. We asked Amy what drove her to reapply for an internship. She replied, 

“I started the internship last year, wanting to be more involved in the church, feeling like I only really knew college students. I got to know so many people last year and it became a big part of my year. I couldn’t imagine doing senior year without it. Now, I have a better handle on how the youth group works. I know the people so I can dive deep into those relationships this year. I hope that no one who comes to the youth group goes unnoticed or falls through the cracks. I hope that they will feel they can invite their friends and that it is a safe place where people can open up and be vulnerable. I pray that the group as a whole will just look more and more like the kingdom of God in its diversity.”

Grace Quaile (Youth Ministry Intern)

Meet Grace Quaile, a youth intern from Pittsboro. We asked her why she wanted to serve as an intern this ministry year @chapelhillbible. She told us,

“I want to give back to a group that I’ve been involved in all my life and seeing that, being able to help in ways that I’ve seen, not having had the opportunity to help before because I was a student. It’s such a great opportunity to grow in my faith and to be walking with such a diverse group and wide age range of people. I hope to see growth individually with the youth involved in their personal relationships with Christ and their relationships with each other, seeing a bond form, more like a family aspect, because we all support each other. I want to see Christ even more revealed, see them alive with Christ and excited to spend time with Him and wanting that more than anything else.”