Mission Trip to Kenya

July 14-28, 2019

Mission to Kenya

July 14-28, 2019

Why Kenya?

Chapel Hill Bible Church has been partnering with Beacon of Hope in Nairobi, Kenya since 2002, just a few months after its inception. The last 16 years have provided us with great opportunities to serve alongside our brothers and sisters in Nairobi as they minister to women affected by HIV/AIDS and to children in the surrounding communities. The gospel of Jesus Christ is at the forefront of the ministry of Beacon and we are privileged to partner with them as they share the good news with those around them.

Applicants are applying to be part of a team that will continue to grow that partnership. The institutional and individual relationships which have formed over the years are a gift from our heavenly Father. We are committed to stewarding that well and to continue to grow it for the glory of God. Please keep that in mind as you seek the Lord and apply to be on the team. This is not about a trip. This is about years of gospel friendship and partnership.

And it is about you growing in the Lord. It is about you growing as a disciple as you learn, as you fellowship, and as you encourage your family members in Kenya. It is about you, our team, and our brothers and sisters in Kenya being transformed by the gospel and being made more and more into the likeness of our savior.

With your application, you are committing to a process of growth and discipleship which features a trip to Kenya. Please read carefully through the requirements and expectations. It is crucial that you be fully engaged in the process that leads up to and follows the trip to ensure an enriching experience for you, for our team, and for Beacon of Hope.

Who can participate?

The trip is primarily suited for medical professionals. However, we are willing to take non-medical professionals if we deem them to be an asset to the team and its purposes. We are also open to taking up to four high school-aged students, provided that a parent also be part of the team. That parent must have cross-cultural mission experience of some kind.


Some participants will be invited to share their experiences with future mission team members.

Reading/Resources (provided):

  • Helping Without Hurting in Short-Term Missions, Steve Corbett and Brian Fikkert
  • Perspectives on the World Christian Movement, selected chapters, various authors
  • Missions; How the Local Church Goes Global, Andy Johnson
  • The Pleasures of God, Chapter 4, John Piper

Trip Cost

Approximately $2,500 (depends on cost of flight at time of booking). Individual and team fundraising opportunities will be available.

Important dates to know


  • Applications DUE: November 22
  • Team Selection: December 5


  • Team Meetings (after church): January 27, February 24, March 17, April 14, May 19, June 9. We ask that you commit to attending at least six out of the seven meetings on the calendar (preferably all of them). It is important both for you and for our team that you participate in this formative process.
  • Kenya Trip: July 14-28
  • Team debrief: August 18 (need to confirm)