Revive Campaign Update

The Latest on Our Building Expansion

Revive Campaign Update

will you not revive us again, that your people might rejoice in you? - Psalm 85:6

We believe God is calling us into a season of renewal. We are calling it Revive. We are praying that God does two things during this season, and the order is important.

First, we are seeking God to do a reviving work in our hearts. We all have areas of our life that have lain spiritually dormant and need to receive the breath of new life. We each have ways we could live in more loving obedience to God. Therefore each of our Revive messages will target essential aspects to the Christian life, so that we can be renewed in these core areas.

Second, we are seeking God to provide the resources needed to expand our facilities so that our growing ministries can have the environments they need in order to thrive. We need changed hearts first. But we believe that if we are going to see more and more hearts changed by the gospel of Jesus Christ over the coming decades, we will need a larger building to better facilitate our mission and ministries.

To read the latest updates, go to our building expansion blog.

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sky view

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outside admin entrance

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chapel foyer

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inside the chapel

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outside groud view

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youth ministry space

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children's check-in/entry