Pastor Roddy on Sabbatical

May 5 - August 5

Pastor Rodrigo Dinsmore on Sabbatical: May 5 - August 5

Letter from Pastor Roddy

Dear Bible Church, 

My family and I are so excited about my upcoming Sabbatical and the opportunity it will give us to rest, grow, and travel together. I am grateful for this gift that the Elders have granted us and trust that God will use it to prepare me for my next season of ministry here. 

Sunday, April 28 will be my last Sunday at CHBC until August 5th. We will be stateside until May 29th when we fly to Australia where I will be conducting the wedding of one of my former interns! We will be there for three weeks and then will fly to France where we will enjoy living in a village of 5,000 people for one month. This is quite a change of scenery for a guy who grew up in Rio de Janeiro (population of 6.5 million). The last couple of weeks will be spent with family and also with friends from when we lived in Berlin, Germany. 

My studies will revolve around the subject of Business as Mission (also known as Business for Transformation). I am eager to learn more about how God can use (and uses) our vocations as a means for growing his Kingdom. My hope is to return from my Sabbatical with a vision of what this will look like at CHBC so we can not only encourage those working in the Triangle but also so we can equip men and women from our church to leverage their business/entrepreneurial skills in places where there is limited access to the gospel. 

I am including my reading list at the bottom for those who might be interested in reading through some of these resources. 

I leave for my Sabbatical with great confidence in a group of gifted and capable leaders. Our Worship Planning Team (consisting of David Walters, Jen Smith, JW Ruff, and Colin Rowley, and me) will continue to ensure our services are Christ-centered, edifying, and run with excellence. JW, Mark Hampton, and Eddie Kim will rotate as worship leaders. And we continue to pray for our next Worship Minister to come to CHBC!

The realm of missions is likewise in good hands with Nathaniel Mullins (Missions Resident) and Crissie Cabrera (Missions Administrative Assistant). Our Kenya trip in July is in the capable leadership of Laura McPherson and Pastor Matt Smith. 

Please pray for our family during our time away. We want this to be a refreshing time in the Lord. We want this to be a sweet time of making memories as a family and of reconnecting with friends. 

We will miss worshiping with our church family and look forward to being with you again in August. 

Thankful for Christ and his Church, 


Pastor Rodrigo Dinsmore

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