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Annual Business Meeting ONLINE

Sunday, June 7, 4 pm via ZOOM

Annual Business Meeting

Sunday, June 7, 4 pm (on Zoom)

Online via zoom

The Annual Business Meeting of the Chapel Hill Bible Church will take place Sunday afternoon, June 7, at 4 pm, VIA ZOOM. All members are urged to attend. (Only members will vote, but ALL are welcome to attend.)

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The agenda will include; recognition and thanks to the elders and deacons whose terms are ending; election of new elders and deacons; voting to affirm Gaby Correa as CHBC en espanol Minister; voting to affirm Erin Bethany as Women's Minister; voting to amend the Bylaws; and voting to approve the 2020-21 operating budget. 

Please see information regarding the six votes to be taken by following the links below.