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2021-2022 Operating Budget

As Proposed by the Board of Deacons

2021-2022 Operating Budget

As Proposed by the Board of Deacons

For more information or if you have questions, please contact:

• Eric Rodgers, Treasurer, 865.385.1445,

• Bill Reedy, Deacon Chair, 919.724.0593,

• Donna Coston, Business Office Director, 919.408.0310 x104,

• Greg Omland, Administrator, 919.408.0310 x109,


On behalf of the Elders, Deacons, and Staff, we submit this 2021-22 Operating Budget Proposal to you. It reflects our intent to align to the ministry priorities of CHBC by adopting a budget which matches our needs as we desire to see the powerful gospel of Jesus Christ bring glory to God as it transforms us, our city, and our world.

Budget Approval Process

  • The 2021-22 Budget Proposal is contained at the end of this document (Table 1, page 4); it comes from the Deacons and is available to the members for review and comment.
  • There will be an Open Conversation to discuss and ask questions about this proposed budget. This will take place via Zoom on Wednesday, May 26, at 7 pm.  Anyone with questions or comments is encouraged to attend; please go to this link: 
  • Meeting ID: 961 2273 6146 
  • Passcode: 204857
  • The membership will vote to approve the budget at the Annual Meeting on Sunday afternoon, June 6, 2021, at 4 pm (in-person in the Sanctuary and remotely via Zoom.


  • The Elders and Deacons request that questions about the 2021-22 budget be raised prior to the Annual Meeting. Opportunities to do this include attending the Open Conversation or contacting the Treasurer, Business Office Director, or Administrator by phone or by email prior to May 30, 2021. (Contact information is listed above.) This enables the membership to center its discussion at the Annual Meeting on big-picture issues.
  • Motions for specific amendments to this proposal to be voted on at the Annual Meeting must be submitted in writing by email to Eric Rodgers, Treasurer, by May 30, 2021 (contact information above)This will provide adequate opportunity to prepare information regarding the amendment(s) for presentation at the meeting. All proposed amendments submitted will be presented at the Annual Meeting. There will be no presentation of new amendments from the floor during the meeting.
  • Questions: The Treasurer, Business Office Director, and Administrator are very happy to meet with anyone to work through the details behind these summary documents. We encourage and welcome the questioning and monitoring of financial matters by the members.  Please do not distribute these documents to those outside CHBC without first contacting the Treasurer, Business Office Director, or Administrator.
  • Thank you again for making CHBC the “pivot foot”, as Pastor Jay often says, of your Kingdom involvement and financial stewardship decisions. We have been so encouraged during this past year to see how the Lord has used the ministries of CHBC, and this drives us to gratitude; first and foremost, to the Lord, and also to you, for your giving by faith has helped provide the means for those ministries.

Recap of 2020-21 Budgeted Giving

  • To start, here is a bit of context: a year ago, the CHBC Budget Team prepared a $3,680,000 budget for the 2020-21 fiscal year, but then the pandemic hit.
  • The Budget Team prayerfully decided to defer most of the 2020-2021 planned budget increases. The team chose to revisit these items later in the fiscal year, recommending a lower, more conservative budget of $3,495,000, removing:
  • Yearly merit increases for CHBC staff and salary adjustments based on the Board of Deacons’ 2019 benchmarking study,
  • Additional yearly reserves set aside for maintaining our expanded facility, and
  • Increased investment in ministry programs and missions.
  • Our giving stalled a bit in the fall, but we were encouraged that we finished December 2020 (the midpoint of our fiscal year) strong, at $120,000 or 6.6%, ahead of our decreased budget. As we head into the last month of the 2020-21 fiscal year, that “lead” has largely diminished, but we’re prayerful that the Lord will bring us another strong June giving month to close out the fiscal year well.
  • Throughout the pandemic year, the CHBC family cared well for other members of the body, including in material ways. Even with many members experiencing increased financial needs throughout the year due to the pandemic, our church family gave generously to the Benevolence Fund and actually increased the Fund’s balance by $30,000.

In short, God has used CHBC’s ministry this past fiscal year in many impactful ways, and has provided for those ministries through your faithful giving.

2021-22 Budget Planning Process

  • More than 15 members of the CHBC family have been actively involved in the budget process the past six months, prayerfully seeking the Lord’s will for next fiscal year, in terms of what items we should include and in what priority order.
  • In December 2020, the Budget Team (5 Deacons, 2 Elders, 2 Staff) started the budget planning process and incorporated the Elders’ key priorities into the budget. In addition, the team looked at how to best take care of the CHBC staff as we come out of the pandemic and at our facility needs as we start to truly live in our expanded physical ministry space.
  • From January to April 2021, the Budget Team met monthly to refine the draft budget based on up to date giving, refined priorities, and fine-tuned expense estimates. The Team provided an in-depth monthly budget process update to the Deacon Board and the Deacon Board approved the Budget Team’s final budget proposal in April.

2021-22 Budget Overview

  • The Deacon-approved budget proposal for fiscal year 2021-22 is $3,822,000, an increase of $327,000 or 9.4% over our current fiscal year budget of $3,495,000.
  • The increases to the 2021-22 Budget are comprised of two major parts: roughly half (57%) is “catch-up” for areas underinvested in or deferred from prior budget years, including last year’s pandemic-related deferrals, and the other half (43%) is additional investment to further advance God’s ministry through CHBC.
  • Catch-up areas (underinvested in or deferred from prior budget years):
  • Staff salaries and benefits (elder priority) – incorporated salary merit increase pool for CHBC staff (no raises since Summer 2019), made overdue salary adjustments based on the Board of Deacons’ 2019 benchmarking study, and restored part of the 401(k) match cut in prior years.
  • Ministry Programs – our investment in our core ministry programs has been essentially flat the past four years, significantly lagging our investment in other areas.
  • Missions & University Support (bring back to 10%) – in the current fiscal year, our budget percentage investment toward this area dipped from our historical 10% to 9.6% as we shifted Gaby Correa (CHBC en Español Minister) from Missions to CHBC staff.  Part of our increase to this budget area catches us back up to 10%.
  • Additional investment:
  • Pastoral Residency program (elder priority) – committed to train and send the next generation of pastors.
  • Operations & Facilities – cover anticipated expenses related to our first year of fully utilizing our expanded facility footprint.
  • Mission & University Support – increased investment at the same percent increase as our overall budget.
  • For a summary of yearly budget amounts and % change from prior year, please see Chart 1 below.
  • For the proposed CHBC 2021-22 Operating Budget, by Ministry Investment Area, please see Table 1 below.
  • For the proposed CHBC 2021-22 Operating Budget, by Ministry Investment Area sub-level, please see Table 2 below.

The Deacon Board respectfully asks the CHBC membership to prayerfully affirm its proposed 2021-22 fiscal year budget. 

Chart 1: Yearly Budget ($); % change from prior year
Table 1: Proposed CHBC 2021-22 Operating Budget, by Ministry Investment Area
Table 2: Proposed CHBC 2021-22 Operating Budget, by Ministry Investment Area (sub-level)