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2022-2023 Operating Budget

As Proposed by the Board of Deacons

2022-2023 Operating Budget

As Proposed by the Board of Deacons

For more information or if you have questions, please contact:

• Eric Rodgers | Treasurer | 865.385.1445 |

• Jay Baas | Deacon Chair | 919.349.2584 |

• Donna Coston | Business Office Director | 919.408.0310 x104 |

• Greg Omland | Administrator | 919.408.0310 x109 |


On behalf of the Elders, Deacons, and Staff, the Board of Deacons submits its proposed 2022-23 Operating Budget to CHBC membership. It reflects our intent to align to the ministry priorities of CHBC by adopting a budget which matches our needs as we desire to see the powerful gospel of Jesus Christ bring glory to God as it transforms us, our city, and our world.

Budget Approval Process

  • The 2022-23 Budget Proposal is contained at the end of this document (Table 1, page 4; Table 2, page 5); it comes from the Deacons and is available to the members for review and comment.
  • There will be an Open Conversation to discuss and ask questions about this proposed budget. This will take place in Room 311 on Wednesday, May 25, at 7 pm. Anyone with questions or comments is encouraged to attend. 
  • The membership will vote to approve the budget at the Annual Meeting on Sunday afternoon, June 5, 2022, at 4 pm in the Sanctuary.

Two Amendments to the Budget Proposed by CHBC Members

Two amendments to the 2022-23 Proposed Budget have been proposed by CHBC members. 

These proposed amendments will be discussed and presented for a vote at the Annual Business Meeting prior to a vote on the overall 2022-23 Proposed Budget. The two proposed amendments are as follows:

  1. “Use of the $100,000 consultant fees/implementation funding in 2022-2023 budget is contingent on church leaders release of all unedited reports received from GRACE and LFM to the congregation (by email or url link) within 3 days upon receipt of those reports. This includes any reports received during or after 2022.” (proposed by Naoshi & Debbie Yamauchi)
  2. "There will be specific details and an exact accounting of how the $100,000 for implementing the recommendations from the consultants is spent. The spending of this $100,000 will not create an on-going line item for future CHBC budgets without approval from the full congregation in a congregational meeting." (proposed by Nina Morley Daye and Wayne K. Daye)


  • The Elders and Deacons request that questions about the 2022-23 budget be raised prior to the Annual Meeting. Opportunities to do this include attending the Open Conversation or contacting the Treasurer, Business Office Director, or Administrator by phone or by email prior to May 29, 2022 (contact information is listed above). This enables the membership to center its discussion at the Annual Meeting on big-picture issues.
  • Motions for specific amendments to this proposal to be voted on at the Annual Meeting must be submitted in writing by email to Eric Rodgers, Treasurer, by May 29, 2022 (contact information above). This will provide adequate opportunity to prepare information regarding the amendment(s) for presentation at the meeting. All proposed amendments submitted will be presented at the Annual Meeting. There will be no presentation of new amendments from the floor during the meeting.
  • Questions: The Treasurer, Business Office Director, and Administrator are very happy to meet with anyone to work through the details behind these summary documents. We encourage and welcome feedback and insights on financial matters by our members.

Thank you again for making CHBC the “pivot foot”, as Pastor Jay often says, of your Kingdom involvement and financial stewardship decisions. Our involvement with CHBC over the past year and witnessing our church’s ministry – tangibly, to people – drives us to gratitude; first and foremost, to the Lord, and to you, for your giving by faith has helped provide the means for those ministries.

2021-22 Giving Recap

  • We were encouraged that we finished December 2021 (the midpoint of our fiscal year) strong, making up a significant portion of the gap to targeted giving from the soft start to our fiscal year. As we head into the last month of the fiscal year, we’re prayerful that the Lord will bring us another strong June giving month to close out the fiscal year in a financially healthy way.
  • We are pleased that our church has also been financially generous in many other ways this fiscal year, including to:
  • Hillsborough Community Church plant – over $165,000 has been given to help Pastor Malcolm and his church-planting team start off well.
  • Benevolence – over $90,000 has been given to help other members of our CHBC family in material ways.

Looking Forward

As Pastor Jay recently wrote to us, “God is doing something in and among us... As we pursued Christ and sought him in prayer, we sense God wants three things for us in the coming year: reconnection, care, and celebration.

  • RECONNECTION - COVID and all its implications has caused physical, social and emotional distance – the very opposite of a local church reality. It is time to reconnect. We are looking for ways to do that more meaningfully this year - in Lord’s Day worship, during the week, in different and creative ways.
  • CARE - Our church has always valued deep connections of care, but we have learned we need to further deepen that, especially in new ways given the last two years. We are going to prioritize the bearing of one another’s burdens this year. That kind of heart-work is the rugged and real work of discipleship and God is calling us to it.
  • CELEBRATION – not trite fanfare that overlooks the challenges and broken things, or ignores the morass of the world around us, but gospel-centered celebrations of all we have in Christ and in the gift of His Bride, the church.”

It is the hope of the Board of Deacons that this proposed budget accelerates and encourages our church to those three themes in the coming year.

2022-23 Budget Planning Process

  • More than a dozen members of the CHBC family have been actively involved in the budget process the past six months, prayerfully seeking the Lord’s will for next fiscal year, in terms of what items to include and in what priority order.
  • In December 2021, the Budget Team (5 Deacons, 1 Elder, 1 Treasurer, 2 Staff) started the budget planning process and looked at the key needs of our church during this time.
  • From January to April 2022, the Budget Team met monthly to refine the draft budget based on up-to-date giving, refined priorities, and fine-tuned expense estimates. The Team provided an in-depth monthly budget process update to the Board of Deacons and the Board of Deacons approved the Budget Team’s final budget proposal in April.

2022-23 Proposed Budget Overview

  • The Deacon-approved budget proposal for fiscal year 2022-23 is $3,957,000, an increase of $135,000 or 3.5% over our current fiscal year budget of $3,822,000.
  • CHBC Staff (Salaries and Benefits)
  • This part of our budget is essentially flat year-over-year due to the elimination of a couple of open or proposed positions, which allowed us to better take care of our current Staff through a salary increase pool, restoring part of a 401(k) match cut in prior years, and moving a CHBCe position formerly funded through the now-depleted historical “CHBCe Fund” into the general operating budget.
  • You will notice that we have rolled the Ministry Residency Program (former Pastoral Residency Program) into the CHBC Staff portion of our budget.
  • Missions & University Support – increased to keep consistent with historical 10% of budget target.
  • Ministry Programs
  • Flat overall budget (after removing $12,000 “one-time” Jubilee expense). 
  • Reallocation of resources:
  • We shifted funds for the Faith & Work category to Missions [to reflect Triangle Fellows’ transition to its own 501(c)3 corporation].
  • We reduced our Communications and Media / A/V budgets to reflect the absence of a couple of measurable one-time expenses from the 2021-22 fiscal year.
  • We increased funds for the following:
  • Kids Ministry [new Kids Ministry curriculum, new VBS curriculum and scholarships, some one-time expenses (painting/decorative graphics, furniture), training for KM staff and parents],
  • Women’s Ministry (scholarships for the Women's Retreat, cover food at the four Women's Events), and
  • Youth Ministry (bolsters one-on-one discipleship and family ministry).
  • Operations and Facilities – will keep flat. In the current fiscal year, we have set aside a reasonable budget that we anticipate will also be sufficient for this coming year, even though we still have not fully used our expanded facilities footprint for a full fiscal year due to the pandemic shutdown and partial facility operations.
  • Professional Consultant-related
  • Consultant Fees – we will have some ongoing consultant fees in the 2022-2023 fiscal year as we look to strengthen our congregational care and church governance structure for the next 52 years of CHBC.
  • Addressing Consultant Recommendations – we are proactively setting aside a portion of our budget to have funding available to start to work on whatever recommendations come from our consultants, whether they are related to roles, structure, training, facilities, etc...
  • Mortgage – will keep flat, although we are actively exploring refinancing our current mortgage and congregant loans from 2018 to more favorable terms, taking advantage of the current low interest rate environment.


Chart 1: Yearly Budget ($); % change from prior year
Table 1: Proposed CHBC 2022-23 Operating Budget, by Ministry Investment Area
Table 2: Proposed CHBC 2022-23 Operating Budget, by Ministry Investment Area (sub-level)