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Proposed Amendment to the Bylaws POSTPONED

Articles III & VI

Proposed Bylaws Amendment – to change the Board of Directors of the Church from the Board of Deacons to the Board of Elders

UPDATE AS OF Saturday, June 4

The Elders are withdrawing our proposed Bylaws amendment for consideration at our Annual Business Meeting.

On Friday, June 3, we were made aware of a legal hurdle with the proposed Bylaws amendment. In order to change the Board of Directors, we must follow a specific protocol that is defined by the North Carolina statute that includes a specific series of steps to enact a board change that we are unable to complete in time for a vote. With the Annual Meeting only a day away, we are not able to propose a new motion that would be in accord with the statute. Therefore, we are withdrawing the Bylaw amendment and it will not be part of Sunday’s agenda. 

The elders still believe the proposed Bylaws amendment is best for our church. We intend to propose the Bylaws amendment (with slight modifications) as part of a more comprehensive set of Bylaw changes for your consideration in the coming months.

Presented by the Board of Elders for vote by the Membership at the Annual Business Meeting, June 5, 2022, 4 pm

Bylaws Article IX, Amendments:

These Bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds (2/3) majority of those members present and voting by secret ballot at a duly called and constituted congregational meeting, provided the proposed amendment has been approved by the Board of Elders, or has been submitted by a petition signed by not less than twenty percent (20%) of the members, and provided the proposed amendment has been conspicuously posted in written form for two consecutive Sundays.


The Elders propose the following amendment to Articles III and VI, as indicated below, to change the function of the Board of Directors of the nonprofit corporation from the Board of Deacons to the Board of Elders to take effect no later than 5 pm ET on September 1, 2022. See below for shifts and proposed wording.

Proposed Articles/Wording:

Article III: Organization, Incorporation and Offices

Bylaws Article III. 2 Bylaws Article III. 2

ARTICLE VI: Officers

Bylaws Article VI.C.3.b Bylaws Article VI.C.3.b
Bylaws Article VI.B.1.b Bylaws Article VI.B.1.b
Bylaws Article VI.C & VI.B.1 Bylaws Article VI.C & VI.B.1

To see the entire Constitution and Bylaws, please go to

Frequently Asked Questions

What is proposed to be changed?

This will identify the Board of Elders, rather than the Board of Deacons, as the official Board of Directors of Chapel Hill Bible Church of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Inc.

What effect will this change have?

This will make the Chair, Vice Chair, etc., of the Elders the ones authorized to sign official documents of the church with our bank or any other business relationship we enter into that requires that level of agreement. (Currently, our banking and mortgage are the only areas in which the Board of Directors are the signers on behalf of the Church.)

When will this change go into effect?

This will be implemented no later than 5 pm ET on September 1, 2022. This will give the Staff time to work through any legally-required filings or necessary paperwork changes. The Administrator (Greg Omland) will inform the Lead Pastor, Elder Chair and Deacon Chair when the changes are complete.

Why are we proposing this change?

In preparation for likely structural changes in our organization and governance, the Board of Elders should become the Board of Directors of the non-profit organization. This will put accountability and authority to lead the Church through potential changes to the Elders, who will be writing the policies and it will enable the Board of Elders to speak for and lead the process more effectively.

Why are we making this change now?

We are not sure yet of most of the details of the proposed structural and governance changes. However, we do know that changing the Board of Directors function to the Board of Elders will be part of that new structure no matter what other details might be recommended. Thus, we want to make this change now, in part to facilitate the other changes, and also as a demonstration of our intention to move forward with other changes that our work this spring has brought to light as necessary.

Have the Boards of Elders and Deacons been informed of this proposed Amendment to the Bylaws prior to this publication?

Yes, the Board of Elders received this recommendation at their meeting on April 27 and, after due consideration, is formally presenting these amendments to the Members of CHBC. The Board of Deacons was informed via electronic means on May 3rd and held discussions and agreed to the rationale and advisability of the change at their meeting on May 4th.