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Fall Ball

An Evening of Fun and Glamour for Teens and Adults with Special Needs

Fall Ball

An evening of fun and glamour for teens and adults with special needs

Saturday, November 4, 6:30 - 9:30 pm

Chapel Hill Bible Church proudly presents the FALL BALL!! Our Fall Ball is designed to give teens and adults with special needs a more formal event to come celebrate. We will plan to bring back our crowd favorites: limo rides, karaoke, and the dance floor! 

Details of COVID guidelines will be posted closer to the event date and will follow all recommended CDC and government guidelines.

Have questions? Contact Ashley Gyori (Special Needs Director).

Are you interested in attending as a guest?

Are you interested in volunteering?

In years past, we've had over 250+ volunteers join us from our church family and around the community to help us pull off Night to Shine (Sponsored by the Tim Tebow Foundation) and Fall Ball. It was an incredible and rewarding evening of fun and great memories.

Likewise, as we kickoff this event designed to minister to teens/adults with special needs in our community, we're excited to find a role that fits your gifts as we minister to the special needs community in Chapel Hill/Durham.

Volunteer roles for FALL BALL:

Please read the following role descriptions carefully. When you register to volunteer with us you will be asked to indicate your top three role preferences. Unless otherwise specified, your arrival time will be November 4 at 5:30 pm.

  • Setup Team: Our set up team will come in prior to guests arrival to make sure all decorations and activities have been properly set up. Tasks will vary and will be given upon arrival. ARRIVAL: November 4, 9 am
  • Host/Hostess: Our biggest need! Our host and hostesses are paired up with guests one-on-one to take them through the events of the night. We ask that you are in highschool or older to sign up for this role. 
  • Check-In Team: Our check in team will be responsible for checking in both volunteers as they arrive and our guests.
  • Parking Team: Parking team will remain outdoors to direct the flow of traffic as well as assuring that all guests arriving have been pre-registered.
  • Health Team (MD, RN, PA, or other health professional only): Our health team remains onsight in case of medical emergencies. Please note you will not be asked to administer any medicine or help with toileting. We ask that you do have a health degree prior to serving in this role.
  • Security Team: Our security team will remain on site to ensure that all protocols are being followed. Please note there will also be a uniformed officer on site in case of any threats or true emergencies.  
  • Floater Team: The role of our floater team is to help fill gaps that arrive the day of the event. Every year we inevitably have volunteers who end up being sick the day of the event or we have an activity that needs a few extra hands. Our floaters will be assigned roles the morning of the event based on where we still need help. 
  • Activity Crew: The activity crew will be responsible for setting up our various activity stations and games and leading our guests through these activities. Our activity crew will be divided among the various activities taking place at the event.  
  • Respite Team: Our respite team will be responsible for overseeing our caregiver zone and ensuring our caregivers are loved and cared for during the event. 
  • Kitchen Team: Our kitchen team will be responsible for overseeing all food needs throughout the event. Note you will not be responsible for the actual cooking and preparation of food.  

FAQ for Volunteers

How old do I have to be to volunteer?

All volunteers must be in at least 6th grade to serve with us at this event.

Can I volunteer with a friend/family member?

We love it when families sign up to serve together! However, since we count on many volunteers and many guests, we cannot guarantee that you will be placed in the same role or in the same area together. But please don’t let that stop you! You can still have fun working the event together! 

I’ve never worked with anyone with special needs before, can I still volunteer?

YES!!! We believe this is a great way to get introduced to working with the special needs community. We will also go over some special needs etiquette and tips for working with the special needs community in our training.

When will I know what role I will be serving in?

We have found over the years of running similar events to this, that it works out best to have you indicate your role preference and have us place you where you are most needed. With that in mind, we do not begin assigning roles until about one week before our training dates. You will get a notification before the date of our first training and we will have lists of who is serving where present at our trainings. If you did not get a follow up email from us after completing your registration then we do not have it, please contact us.

What if I can no longer serve on that date?

If you find out you can no longer serve once you have signed up please let us know as soon as possible so we can fill your role. 

What if I have been to Night to Shine in the past, do I still have to attend another training?

Yes. Our training changes every year in order to convey new information and cover how to best serve at the event. 

When will training be?

To be determined.

For any additional questions, please reach out to