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[POSTPONED] 1970s & 1980s Photo Review Social

POSTPONED Until Later This Spring/Summer

70s/80s Photo Review Social

POSTPONED until COVID19 (Coronavirus) Passes

NOTE: We've postponed this event to be rescheduled later this year after the threat of COVID19 passes.

Are you a long-time member of the Bible Church? We need you!

Later this year, the Jubilee Committee will host a 1970s & 80s Photo Review Social. This is your chance to be a part of documenting our church’s history. At the event, we will share photos from those decades and solicit your input as to who is in the photos and their significance to the church’s history. We’ll also have dedicated time for fellowship, reflection, and prayer. 

The photos will be vital to many Jubilee projects, including a CHBC history book to be published this fall. Some may also be sealed in the time capsule we will dedicate on our actual 50th anniversary – November 1, 2020. 

Please share this announcement with other members and encourage those you know who no longer attend to join us. If you're new(er) to the church, this is a great opportunity to learn about our past while we collectively celebrate God's presence in our church today and what He promises for the future. 

Refreshments will be provided.