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Kids Ministry Safety Protocols

Providing a fun and safe place for your child(ren) to grow in Christ

Kids Ministry - Safety and Security Policies

At CHBC, we have strict safety precautions in place to provide the best possible safety of your child(ren). These protocols include:

  • Every volunteer working with children must clear a background check (which includes a biannual check against the national sex offender registry).
  • There is mandatory annual training for every volunteer in Kids Ministry.
  • Two-Adult Rule: There must always be two approved adults with any child or group of children.
  • This rule applies in every location, even during bathroom breaks. An adult does not go into the bathroom with the child (3 year old-5th grade) but stands at the door with the 2nd volunteer also present. 
  • For younger children (6 months to 3 years) the bathroom door remains open with clear visibility for another adult when an adult needs to assist a child or change a diaper.
  • Men are not allowed to change diapers. 
  • Youth Assistants cannot go into the bathroom with children.
  • Children are not allowed to go down the hall to the bathroom by themselves. There are 2 adults always present even if it means the entire class/group must go. Kids Ministry consistently recruits two hall monitors every Sunday in addition to a supervisor so that halls remain safe and 2 adult rule is always in effect. 
  • Child Pickup: Parents are given a security tag that must be presented to pick up a child. A volunteer must compare their code to child’s name tag code. If a security tag is lost, the parent must show proper identification to Kids Director. 
  • All exterior doors into the Kids Ministry wing remain locked from outside on Sundays.
  • Volunteers are instructed to report any suspected abuse and/or neglect to the Kids Ministry Director and contact the North Carolina Department of Social Services. 
  • Kids Ministry’s stated policy on Correction and Discipline: Any correction should reflect biblical values and should be seasoned with love and grace. No timeouts, withholding snacks, spanking, etc. If a child is non-compliant after several attempts, the parents will be paged.