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Kids Ministry Safety Protocol

From Check-In to Pick-Up

Kids Ministry Reopening for Kindergarten-5th Grade

We're eager to slowly reopen Kids Ministry on Sunday mornings. We'll be taking this slowly, so we thank you in advance for your patience with our team.

  • We are opening our classrooms with limited capacities so be sure to sign up early! Our classrooms will open with the following capacities: 
  • K-5- 15 kids maximum 
  • 4's- 8 kids maximum 
  • 3's- 5 kids maximum 
  • 2's- 5 kids maximum 
  • Toddlers- 5 kids maximum
  • These capacities will slowly increase as we are able and safety regulations allow. 
  • Kids will be required to wear a mask and social distance as much as possible in our large gathering rooms with our volunteer teachers and small group leaders.

Check-In Process and Safety Protocol

Prior to Arrival

  • Prior to our families arriving, our volunteers will enter through the Kids and Family Check-In entrance. Here they will self-check their temperature and sign off that they do not have any COVID symptoms or known exposures.
  • All volunteers are expected to wear masks the entire time they are working with our Kids Ministry.
  • Our volunteers working within direct close contact with your children (temperature checks, delivering water/snack, diaper changes) will be asked to wear gloves.

At Check-in

  • All of our families will be asked to enter through the main doors of the church to keep in line with our current Sunday morning traffic flow.
  • Families will follow Kids Ministry signs towards the commons where they will be greeted by a kids ministry volunteer. ​We ask that only one parent enters the kids ministry area for drop off.
  • At this first check-point, families will be asked our COVID screening questions to ensure there has been no known COVID exposure and there is no presence of COVID symptoms. ​Parents- please ask your kids these questions before coming to church in the morning to avoid any surprises!
  • Once screened, families will be directed into the commons area where a check-in attendant will meet with them and take their child’s temperature. This temperature ​must be lower than 100.4​ in order to enter our kids ministry services!
  • Following their temperature check, our check in attendant will use our i-Pad system to check in your child and provide you with the pick up ticket. Please note that ONLY our check in attendant will be touching the i-Pad to limit contact on this surface.
  • Once checked-in your child will be directed to the kids ministry classroom hallway. If they are in a Kindergarten classroom or higher, you will drop them off here to our hall monitor who will ensure they make it safely to their classroom. If you are dropping off a child aged 4 or under your temperature will also be checked and you will escort your child to their classroom for drop off. This procedure is designed to limit the overall number of individuals present within the kids ministry hallway.
  • Anyone entering the Kids Ministry hallway will be asked to use hand sanitizer prior to their entry.

In the Classroom (Kindergarten and up)

  • All children in Kindergarten and up will be asked to wear a mask while they are participating in our Kids Ministry
  • Upon arrival in the classroom, your child will be provided with an individualized toy or activity to play with at the table while they wait for the class to begin.
  • Throughout the classroom time, all children will be provided with individualized packs as needed (ex: if coloring, they will be provided with their own pack of markers).
  • Children will be seated at least six feet apart at the table and our classroom capacities will remain consistent with current government regulations regarding indoor activities.
  • If the weather allows, our children will be allowed to play outside on the playground. We will only allow one classroom to play on the playground at a time. During playground time, our volunteers will be stationed around the playground to remind children to socially distance. Children will be asked to wash their hands as soon as they come back inside from the playground.
  • Throughout the class hand sanitizer will be available to disinfect children’s hands as needed.
  • At the end of the class, our volunteers will wipe down all door handles and tables with a disinfectant wipe. The individualized packs of toys and coloring materials will be sprayed with a bleach disinfectant solution.

In the Classroom (4 and under & special needs)

  • Children aged 2 and up will be required to wear a mask. 
  • Volunteers will do their best to encourage the children in these classrooms to play with their own activity, however, social distancing cannot always be guaranteed in these settings, but our volunteers will work hard to maintain distancing.
  • Volunteers will be provided with a bucket for used toys. As they notice a child move away from a toy they will pick it up to place it in the used toy bin. As time allows, the volunteers may hand wash these toys with a cleaning solution to allow more children to play with these toys.
  • When arts and craft activities are being conducted, children will be provided with individualized packs of crayons, markers, etc.
  • As weather permits, children who are old enough will also be allowed to go outside on the playground to play. We will only allow one classroom on the playground at a time. Children will be asked to wash their hands as soon as they come back inside from the playground.
  • At the end of the class, our volunteers will wipe down all door handles and tables with a disinfectant wipe. All toys will be sprayed with a bleach disinfectant solution.

at pickup

  • During pick up we will permit more than one parent to enter the kids ministry area to assist with picking up multiple kids. Please note that you must have a picture of your pick up slip or the printed pick up slip in order for our Kids Ministry volunteers to release your child.
  • Once you have picked up your children please leave the Kids Ministry area in a timely fashion to avoid any large groups lingering as well as to help us keep our numbers in the hallway low.