Monthly Prayer Gathering

Sunday, August 18, 5 pm (Chapel)

Congregational Prayer Together

Every Third Sunday Each Month, 5 - 6:15 pm


Starting in 2019, we will set aside time every third Sunday of each month to gather for an additional time of corporate worship, spending most of our time in prayer. Each prayer gathering will feature:

  • Opening songs of praise and worship 
  • Brief Word-driven homily 
  • Prayer


The public nature of corporate prayer serves God’s desire to make his glory known – Corporate prayer shows a dependence on Him and prioritizes seeking His purposes over our own purposes. 

  • To build corporate community – By praying corporately it emphasizes our life together corporately over our needs as individuals. 
  • To celebrate and empower personal ministries – As we share and pray for requests regarding personal ministries that are making an impact in the Triangle your personal ministry becomes becomes “our” corporate ministry. 


Every third Sunday of the month from 5–6:15 pm. Our first evening worship service will take place on January 20th. 


In our beautiful new chapel!