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Night to Shine

Sponsored by the Tim Tebow Foundation

Night to Shine - Sponsored by the Tim Tebow Foundation

Friday, February 7, 2020, 6-9 pm

What is Night to Shine?

The Tim Tebow Foundation’s vision is to provide an unforgettable prom night experience, centered on God’s love, for people with special needs, ages 14 and older.

Night to Shine is:

  • A worldwide movement
  • Changing Valentine’s Day weekend from simply a celebration of love, to a celebration of God’s love, for people with special needs
  • An unforgettable prom night experience.
  • A celebration of the value of life.
  • A night when all guests are kings and queens of the prom.
  • Held simultaneously on one night around the world.
  • Changing the narrative on how people with special needs are viewed.

Chapel Hill Bible Church is getting excited to host the Night to Shine prom sponsored by the Tim Tebow Foundation - a fun evening designed around special needs teens/adults in our community. If you are interested in partnering with us for some of the behind the scenes work leading up to this big event or if you own a local business that would be interested in partnering with the church, please contact Ashley Gyori (

Want to attend?

We're filling up fast, so don't delay.

Interested in Serving at Night to Shine?

Last year, we had over 265 volunteers join us from our church family and around the community to help us pull of this fantastic event. It was an incredible and rewarding evening of fun and great memories. We hope you'll consider joining us again this year.

TEENS: You must be in 6th grade or older to serve for Night to Shine.


*If you are willing to serve anywhere please select our Host/Hostess Role, this is our biggest need

  • Host & Hostess: 14 years and older; you will be paired with one individual who has special needs for the night to dance, do activities, and enjoy the prom together. 
  • Registration Table: All ages; you will be responsible for handling guest registration, handing out name tags, and ensuring we have the guests registration information and liability waivers.
  • Paparazzi: All ages; you will cheer for the guests as they walk down the red carpet.
  • Respite Room Host: 25 and older; you will spend the night talking with parents and caregivers of the individuals with special needs and serving them refreshments.
  • Sensory Room: 18 and older; monitor the sensory room with guests who are overwhelmed by the noise and crowds at the event.
  • Bathroom Attendant: 25 years and older; you will assist guest with bathroom needs such as washing their hands or waiting with a guest while their host/hostess is in the bathroom (NOTE: You will not be responsible for helping the individual with toileting).
  • Glitz & Glamour Room (for females): All ages; help the guests put makeup and glitter on for the night.
  • Shoe Shine Kiosk (for males): All ages; shine the men’s shoes.
  • Server: All ages; serve dessert during the dessert times and reset the dessert room in between.
  • Set Up Team: All ages; help set up all decorations and rooms for the night of (This role requires you to come the morning of February 8th). 
  • Tear Down Team: All ages; help tear down all decorations and reset the church (NOTE: This role requires you to come in on Saturday, February 9th).
  • Flowers: All ages; give the men and women corsages and boutonnieres.
  • Parking Attendant: Direct traffic the night of the event. 
  • Coat Check: All ages; take guests coats and/or bags as they enter the prom. 
  • Gifts Team: All ages; set up the tables with gifts for each guest and make sure every guest leaves with a gift. 
  • Limo Duty: 18 years and older; assist guest with complimentary limo rides given during the prom. NOTE: You will not be driving the limo, rather helping them line up and get in and out of the limo. 
  • Drink Tables: All ages; you will be responsible for maintaining a refreshment table near the dance floor and serving the guests. 
  • Kitchen Team: All ages; you will be responsible for keeping the refreshment tables, dessert room, and the respite room stocked 
  • Karaoke Attendant: All ages; assist the guest with the karaoke machine during the night. 
  • Greeter: All ages; you will help direct all guests and their caretakers and be available to answer any questions.
  • Entertainment Team: All ages; you will be responsible for keeping activities moving. You may be asked to serve on the dance floor, sing in the karaoke room, or play games with our guests. 
  • Health Team: You will be on site to assist with any medical needs that may arise. NOTE: You must be an RN, PA, MD, NP or other related medical professional in order to serve in this role. You will not be responsible for administering any medicine.