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Outdoor Worship Night

Sunday evening, June 7, 6:30 pm

Outdoor Worship Nights

Sunday Evening, June 7, 6;30 pm

on Soccer field • Bring your own blanket(s) and chair(s)

Join us for two evenings of worship and prayer on the Soccer Field as we reacclimatize to being physically present together while also providing a place for safe social-distancing.

  • Arrive early so that we can enjoy fellowship with each other, and get properly situated with social distancing before the event begins.
  • We recommend that masks be worn from your car to your seated area, and then from there back to your car, since social distancing of six feet will be hard to maintain as you arrive and leave. Once you are settled, masks are optional.
  • Since the registrations were higher than expected, we are moving the event to the Soccer Field to accommodate more people with the six foot social distancing needed.
  • Bring your own blankets or chairs for seating. When you claim your spot on the grass, please make sure there is at least six feet between you and your neighbor.
  • Keep your eye on the weather. If it is raining Sunday evening, we will cancel the event. Let’s pray that God gives us a beautiful, sunny evening!
  • Please register to let us know you’re coming (via links below). That will enable us to ensure enough space for social distancing, and it will help church leadership with continue making plans for reconnecting.

Please RSVP to Attend

We'd like to ask that you register before attending. Why?

  1. It will help us make sure there is enough space to social distance;
  2. It will help us make decisions with reconnecting our church as we move forward in that process.