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Ordinary Means of Grace

Our God, in Christ and through the Spirit, comes to meet us


We know that "salvation belongs to our God who sits on the throne, and to the Lamb" (Rev 7:10). But how does God save and sanctify his people? What means does he use? Theologians have given these means a name: the ordinary means of grace. If it is true that God employs certain means for our salvation and sanctification, it is important for us to know what these means are and what promises God has attached to them. To this end, we have produced a few resources to help you explore the ordinary means, their biblical basis, and their importance for you as a parent and for your children. Check them out!

The Ordinary Means of Grace


  1. The Wonders of Worship
  2. The Word Preached
  3. The Word Prayed and Sung
  4. The Word Seen in the Sacraments
  5. The Word Embodied in the Fellowship
  6. Living Out the Wonders of Worship

You can access the entire series (with transcripts) here.

Practice and Prayer

How should the ordinary means of grace shape the lives of Christian parents?

  • Prioritize public worship on Sunday mornings, for yourself and for your children
  • Expose your children to God's ordinary means on a regular basis through family Bible reading, prayer, and worship
  • Pray for God's blessing upon his ordinary means for yourself and your family

Additional Resources