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Receptionist Job Opening

Receptionist (Part-Time)

Employment Opportunity

Receptionist (Part-Time)


Our mission at Chapel Hill Bible Church is to equip our church as a community to reach the Triangle and beyond with the message of Jesus. The administrative team members are crucial to accomplishing this through ensuring quality and efficiency in our daily operations. The receptionist provides a consistent, welcoming presence at the front desk of CHBC, is able to provide information about building and other resource usage, and assists staff with general office needs. The receptionist is the "voice of the Bible Church" and, as such, they represent the Bible Church, the staff, and the gospel to others in accordance with our vision and mission.

The receptionist is Responsible for:

  • Serving as the gatekeeper for the staff office area, receiving visitors, deliveries, and walk-ins requesting pastoral assistance
  • Answering the phone, directing calls and replying to voicemails
  • Assisting users with office machines as needed
  • Receiving and updating prayer needs appropriately, maintaining confidentiality
  • Scheduling and training volunteers for desk coverage, maintaining desk policies and processes
  • Maintaining phone recordings and staff phone list, train new employees in use of phones
  • Maintaining offices supplies and needs (postage, paper, etc)
  • Maintaining break room and work room (supplies, organization)
  • Assisting with office mailings and general office needs
  • Maintaining staff birthday and anniversary list, scheduling celebrations
  • Preparing for staff chapel weekly
  • Communicating with facilities about set up changes, schedule needs
  • Unlocking rooms for morning/daytime use
  • Maintaining and ordering pantry paper goods, janitorial supplies as requested by facilities/staff

skills & characteristics

  • Growing relationship with Jesus Christ; understanding of the centrality of the gospel and commitment to the purpose and mission of the local church as understood by CHBC; membership at CHBC (existing or first available membership class upon employment) is required
  • Previous customer service and office management experience preferred
  • Ability to deal sensitively with confidential information
  • Computer proficiency, including MS Office suite and macOS software (iWork suite), Google Drive, and email
  • Ability to master web-based systems used at CHBC, including Basecamp, Planning Center Online, Google Drive, and web-authorizing software (training provided as needed)
  • High tolerance for interruptions and unscheduled interactions
  • Friendly, outgoing, helpful attitude that represents CHBC and our staff well
  • Excellent English grammar and written expression 

expected hours

Expected to work 26 hours weekly, in-person, M-Th between the hours of 8 am-3 pm. Occasional flexible hours for meetings, events or other church functions.

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