NEW Sunday Schedule 9 am (Outdoor) and 11 am (Indoor) or LIVESTREAM at BIBLECHURCH.LIVE

Sunday Morning Services for August 9

Outdoors at 9 am | Indoors at 11 am

Sunday Morning Services

Outdoors at 9 am • Indoors at 11 am • Live Stream at 11 am

As of Sunday, August 9th, we will shift to a two-service morning worship schedule, with an outdoor service at 9 am on the soccer field (weather-permitting) and an indoor service that will be live-streamed at 11 am.

A few things to note:

  • The content of the two services will be virtually identical, so there won’t be any “missing out” by attending one and not the other.
  • We will be live-streaming the indoor service starting at the NEW 11 am time. (This is a change from 10 am. You can treat yourself to a pour-over coffee with all that extra time. 😉 )
  • Both services will be abiding by civic guidelines including 6+ feet physical distancing between households and the required use of masks when indoors and when near one another outdoors (ex: when arriving, departing, and moving about). We want to love our neighbors by keeping any germs to ourselves! (As always, if you’re not feeling well, please worship with us online at at 11 am!)
  • Bring your own chairs, blankets, etc to sit on. It won’t be possible to cover the entire soccer field to provide shade, but we encourage you to bring pop-up tents, umbrella hats, a tarp and 4 kids to hold it up at each corner 😁, or whatever else might provide shade for you to be able to stay cooler during that time. (Conveniently, 10’ pop-up tents also provide quite useful social distancing reminders.)

Safety Protocol for the Outdoor Service


Here are a few things you need to know for the OUTDOOR services at 9 am:

  • Arrive early so that we can enjoy fellowship with each other, and get properly situated with social distancing before the event begins.
  • We recommend that masks be worn from your car to your seated area, and then from there back to your car, since social distancing of six feet will be hard to maintain as you arrive and leave. Once you are settled, masks are optional.
  • Bring your own blankets, chairs, or portable tents for seating. When you claim your spot on the grass, please make sure there is at least six feet between you and your neighbor.
  • Keep your eye on the weather. If it is raining Sunday morning, we will cancel the event (we'll let you know via email and on this page)
  • Please register to let us know you’re coming (via links above). That will enable us to ensure enough space for social distancing.

Safety Protocol for the Indoor Service

Here are a few things you need to know for these INDOOR gatherings at 11 am:

  • Social distancing. Our facilities team, led by Matthew Wright, has been working tirelessly to ensure social distance protocols in our sanctuary. Over half of the chairs have been removed, aisle width increased, and we now can seat about 200-250 worshippers at one time, subject to the household sizes that attend. 
  • Service capacity. Due to distancing, we can safely accommodate only 20% of a typical Sunday, 200-250 people. We will gradually, safely, and prudently grow our capacity, and we appreciate your grace as we assess the feasibility and wisdom of these first steps.
  • Registration. Because of this significantly limited capacity, and to facilitate communication with attendees, we request that you register in advance for the upcoming week’s service (via button above). For those who may not be able to attend a given week due to capacity restrictions, we will prioritize you/your household for the following week’s service.
  • Livestream. To continue providing other options, our service will be live-streamed at starting at 11 am. Additionally, the recording will be available after that time on our CHBC media page.
  • Sanitation. An extensive number of sanitation and procedural protocols have been put in place to ensure a “touch-free” experience. These measures meet all civic guidelines for this type of gathering from arrival through departure. Some of these include hand sanitizer stations throughout, directing the flow of traffic through designated entrances and exits, and requiring the use of masks for all worshippers for the duration of our time together. You can see the full list of steps taken here.
  • High-risk worshippers. We strongly encourage vulnerable or higher risk attendees to continue worshipping with us through our online and livestream platforms, rather than attending in-person at this time. While we are confident that we are taking every precaution, no efforts are perfect. We encourage our entire church family to follow current health guidelines and limit potential exposure to this virus, especially for this population in particular.
  • Kids Ministry classes. Starting August 9th, we will open up Kids Ministry classes for a limited amount of kids between 2nd through 5th grade.

Frequently Asked Questions