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Sunday Regathering

An In-Person Worship Service at 10 am. Limited space available.

Sunday In-Person Worship Service

Each Sunday at 10 am

Limited space available

On June 14th, we resumed the option of an in-person Sunday morning corporate gathering. Our priority is wisdom and prudence while providing a safe environment to begin gathering again at our corporate worship location.

As we have said along the way, we want to maintain a posture of sensitivity to the diverse needs of the households who worship with us. For some of us, there is a readiness and felt need to wisely and responsibly regather with the larger body, and for others of us, it is not yet time to take that step. That is right and good, friends! We want you to be able to make the right decision for yourself and your household according to the wisdom the Lord gives.

Safety Protocol

Here are a few things you need to know for these ON-SITE gatherings at 10 am:

  • We are starting out with ONE in-person morning service each Sunday which will be held at 10 am. 
  • Social distancing. Our facilities team, led by Matthew Wright, has been working tirelessly to ensure social distance protocols in our sanctuary. Over half of the chairs have been removed, aisle width increased, and we now can seat about 200-250 worshippers at one time, subject to the household sizes that attend. 
  • Service capacity. Due to distancing, we can safely accommodate only 20% of a typical Sunday, 200-250 people. We will gradually, safely, and prudently grow our capacity, and we appreciate your grace as we assess the feasibility and wisdom of these first steps.
  • Registration. Because of this significantly limited capacity, and to facilitate communication with attendees, we request that you register in advance for the upcoming week’s service (via button below). For those who may not be able to attend a given week due to capacity restrictions, we will prioritize you/your household for the following week’s service.
  • Livestream. To continue providing other options, our service will be live-streamed at starting at 10 am. Additionally, the recording will be available after that time on our CHBC media page. (NOTE: This is a change from streaming a pre-recorded worship service at 9:15 am and 11:05 am as we have over the past weeks.)
  • Sanitation. An extensive number of sanitation and procedural protocols have been put in place to ensure a “touch-free” experience. These measures meet all civic guidelines for this type of gathering from arrival through departure. Some of these include hand sanitizer stations throughout, directing the flow of traffic through designated entrances and exits, and strongly urging the use of masks for all worshippers for the duration of our time together. You can see the full list of steps taken here.
  • High-risk worshippers. We strongly encourage vulnerable or higher risk attendees to continue worshipping with us through our online and livestream platforms, rather than attending in-person at this time. While we are confident that we are taking every precaution, no efforts are perfect. We encourage our entire church family to follow current health guidelines and limit potential exposure to this virus, especially for this population in particular.
  • Kids Ministry and other classes. We will not yet be able to offer onsite Kids Ministry classes or adult classes in this stage. They will continue to provide ministry online, via Zoom, our media page, etc.

Lastly, to those who are eager to gather in-person again, but feel this is not yet the right time for any number of reasons, please know that you are not alone and we fully support you. Our church will be worshipping in unity however we are able. We will not be driven by a culture of fear or naivety, but rather by unity, wisdom, and prudence in all things. We are committed to providing available options as we move forward for ALL those who want to join us in worship, and this is the next step in that effort. 

Even while we as the Reconnect Team are unified and confident in these next steps we are taking, we are each exercising our own judgement regarding worshipping onsite, and will not all make the same decision. Please prayerfully consider what your right next steps are in reconnecting with the church body as we offer in-person and online options in the weeks and months ahead. Here are just a few ways that might look for you:

  • Register to attend our in-person gathering on Sunday morning (You can read more and register below for the upcoming week). 
  • Join our community through the livestream service at 10 am each Sunday.
  • Watch the Kids Ministry service with your family on Sunday morning, and then watch the recorded corporate worship service later that evening when the kids are asleep (Can we get an amen? 😄).
  • Gather with one or two other families or friends (while abiding by recommended civic guidelines!) to watch the streamed service together on Sunday morning.
  • Hang a sheet up in your backyard and invite your neighbors to come over and watch the service with you.
  • Host your life group outdoors for a Sunday morning viewing and fellowship time together.

To worship together in body and spirit each week as a gathered church is a unique gift and Biblical call. We want you to move toward that at the pace that is wise for you and your household. We eagerly anticipate when that can happen again as a whole church body together!

Again, as we have said along the way, we are working hard to stay up-to-date on the most current health and civic guidelines to make sure we are offering wise and right options to our church family. We are prepared to pivot as needed. Please know we love you, we are for you, and we are praying that you are encouraged every day. May the Gospel of Christ minister truth to you and those around you through His Word, and may your witness of trust and faith in HIM alone shine through this season.

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