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Vocational Care Survey

We'd like your input!

Seeking to Grow in the Area of Vocational Care

We recognize that Christians oftentimes have a lot of pain associated with their vocations, especially tied to potential job losses and subsequent unemployment. We are considering starting a Vocational Care ministry at Bible Church to serve those who are facing employment instability or who are unemployed and actively looking for their next opportunities.


To properly guide this potential ministry, we need to know what you need, especially during your times of vocational struggle. Please respond to the survey below to share your needs and whether you are interested in helping others through this Vocational Care ministry. We kept the survey short; it should only take 3-5 minutes of your time.

what happens now?

After the survey closes the middle of February, we will analyze the survey responses to see if this is an area of Care that we should pursue, potentially as early as 2Q 2020. If you are passionate about helping with this potential ministry and said so in the survey, we may pull you in. :)


If you indicated an urgent need for Vocational Care and provided your contact information, we will reach out to you in the next few days with a resource page to help you immediately, even as we consider starting up this ministry.