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Women's Spring Daytreat

Saturday, March 20, 9 am - 3 pm

2021 Women's Spring Daytreat

Saturday, March 20


Saturday, March 20, 9 am - 3 pm


At local host homes, CHBC, or virtual wherever you are comfortable. You can participate as an in-person small group host, in-person small group attendee, or a virtual attendee. More information on these options below!


All women, 18 years and older.


We will be learning from Scripture about the nature of Christ-like humility we are created for. We'll explore these Biblical truths with our Women's Minister, Erin Bethany, and join together in times of singing, praying, and breaking bread.


There is no cost for this retreat.

Lunch will be provided to those participants meeting at a host site.


Our hope is that this time with other women would refresh you as we fix our eyes on Christ, remind you of your call as a servant in His gentle likeness, and give you the opportunity to spur your neighbor and friend on to live this out more boldly where each of you are placed.

With the nature of the pandemic, things look different this year, but we want to meet you where you are! One of the chief aims of this time is to connect and reflect more deeply with one another in small groups, so you'll see a few options as to how you can participate. Maybe you'd like to be in-person with other sisters at the church; maybe you'd like to be in-person with sisters at someone's home or your own home; or maybe the best option for you right now is to join us virtually. Whatever works best for you, we can help you find community in that environment. Just indicate what your preference is through registration and we'll be creating small groups to fellowship together through the retreat.

Registration types:

In-person small group host: If you would like to host a small group (up to 8 people) at your house or at the CHBC building, sign up as a small group host! We will provide a host kit of supplies and lunch for your group. If hosting at your home, we ask that you have A) an outdoor/porch space with the ability to seat up to 8 people with 6' distance, B) a solid internet connection, and C) the ability to stream content on a screen for all to see. Note: we will be matching those who want to join a small group with hosts in their area. If you already have a group of women you plan to host (ex: your life group sisters, your Well Bible study group, a couple friends you've been "householding" with, etc), please let us know in the comments section of the registration.

In-person small group attendee: If you'd like to join a small group either at the CHBC building or at a home around town, sign up as an in-person attendee! You'll be able to indicate which location you'd prefer. Lunch will be provided.

Virtual attendee: If you'd prefer to stay in your own space, you can join the teaching sessions and connect with a small group in breakout rooms via Zoom!


Email Liz Graham ( with any questions.

Please register by March 7