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Event Resources

Find our Medical Release Forms & current COVID guidelines here!

Covid-19 Policies

The Yard includes age groups that are not yet eligible to be vaccinated (children 12 years and younger). Therefore, the Reconnect Team and the Medical Advisory Team have asked us to proceed with caution in order to ensure the safety of all of our students. The current guidelines for all youth gatherings are below:

At outdoor gatherings, masks are optional.

  • Small groups, especially middle school groups, are encouraged to meet outdoors, weather permitting. If they must meet inside, the small groups are separated to minimize the total number of students in small spaces together.
  • Weather permitting, large group meetings will start outside, but will move inside for worship.

At indoor gatherings, masks are required for all students and leaders. (If a student or leader forgets a mask, we have extras available.)

  • While indoors, 3 feet of social distancing is required for all students and leaders. All large group activities take place in the chapel, where we have enough seats to ensure that students remain socially distanced.
  • As often as possible, activities other than worship will take place outdoors. All indoor activities will be closely monitored by leaders. Students will be spread across various rooms, including the youth rooms and adult education classrooms, to prevent the formation of large, compact crowds.
  • If we are serving food, it will be communicated in advance and served outdoors or in a large, well-ventilated area inside the church.

Medical Release Form

We must have a notarized medical release form on file for students participating in our off-site events & retreats. Once you have one on file, it is good for the remainder of a student's time in the Yard (through high school graduation). Complete this form and turn it in to Rachel at