SUNDAY SCHEDULE: Two Services 9 & 11 am and LIVESTREAM (11 am) at BIBLECHURCH.LIVE

Foundations Class (Membership)

Sundays, Dec 3 - 10, 11 am

Foundations Class

Starts Sunday, December 3 thru 10, 11 am (Room 306)

Foundations is our membership pathway class in which you will learn about our core beliefs, community philosophy, and missional heartbeat. Everyone is encouraged to attend this course whether you are a newcomer or have decided to make CHBC your home. The result is the same –– you will gain clarity on who CHBC is and begin building community along the way. Upon completion of this course, we will welcome you to pursue membership.

About Church Membership

A Plea for Church Membership

Committing to membership @chapelhillbible is more than just a commitment to our church. It’s a declaration of citizenship in Christ’s kingdom. It’s a passport. It’s an announcement made in the pressroom of Christ’s kingdom. It’s the declaration that a professing individual is an official, licensed, card-carrying, bona fide Jesus representative.

More concretely, church membership is a formal relationship between a local church and a Christian characterized by the church’s affirmation and oversight of a Christian’s discipleship and the Christian’s submission to living out his or her discipleship in the care of the church.

Notice that several elements are present:

  • a church body formally affirms an individual’s profession of faith and baptism as credible;
  • it promises to give oversight to that individual’s discipleship;
  • the individual formally submits his or her discipleship to the service and authority of this body and its leaders.

The church body says to the individual, “We recognize your profession of faith, baptism, and discipleship to Christ as valid. Therefore, we publicly affirm and acknowledge you before the nations as belonging to Christ, and we extend the oversight of our fellowship.” Principally, the individual says to the church body, “Insofar as I recognize you as a faithful, gospel-declaring church, I submit my presence and my discipleship to your love and oversight.”

Church membership, in other words, is not about “additional requirements.” It’s about a church taking specific responsibility for a Christian, and a Christian for a church. It’s about “putting on,” “embodying,” “living out,” and “making concrete” our membership in Christ’s universal body. In some ways, the union which constitutes a local church and its members is like the “I do” of a marriage ceremony, which is why some refer to church membership as a “covenant.”