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Seeing Christ in the Psalms

Wednesday Bible Study (Summer 2023)


The psalms are a rich collection of Spirit-inspired prayers and songs which not only give voice to the full breadth of Christian experience and discipleship but also testify to the crucified and risen Savior, Jesus Christ. In one sense, they are Jesus' own prayers, and they become ours as we are united to him by faith. In this series, we aim to discover the significance of the psalms for today's disciple of Jesus even as we gaze upon Christ himself in the psalms.


Lesson 1. "The Blessed Man and Blessing in Him" (Psalm 1)

Lesson 2. "The Saving and Judging Son-King" (Psalm 2)

Lesson 3. "Jesus Wakes to Behold God's Face" (Psalm 17)

Lesson 4. "The Forsaken Yet Delivered Servant" (Psalm 22)

Lesson 5. Psalm 23 (no notes, unfortunately!)

Lesson 6. "Who Shall Ascend the Hill of the Lord?" (Psalm 24)

Lesson 7. "David's Son and David's Lord" (Psalm 110)

Lesson 8. Psalm 112 (no notes, unfortunately!)